Bungie fixed a widely used exploit for the Deep Stone Crypt, the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid, in the latest patch, prompting players to find a new method to accomplish the same thing the very same day. 

Destiny has a storied history of raid cheese, and compared to some other exploits, this one is fairly simple and minor, but it’s still incredibly handy. The opening to the Deep Stone Crypt challenges players to navigate a series of warm safety zones while warding off a debuff called frostbite. If frostbite reaches 10 stacks, you die, so you only have a limited amount of time to reach the next safe zone and cleanse your debuff stacks. 

The thing is, you could prevent frostbite entirely through a simple cheese: just summon your sparrow inside the first safe zone, push it outside into the cold, and then get on it while standing back in the safe zone. This is extremely easy to do and makes the opening encounter pretty hands-free, which is why Bungie fixed it this week. However, as Youtuber JB3 shows, the frostbite cheese is still very much a thing. 

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